who we are


The women of Hawthorn craft songs with “a weight that sits with you long after their audible presence fades” (Red Line Roots). Working from the belief that tradition is made to evolve, Heather and Taylor chart a creative course through Appalachian and Celtic roots to the present-day. With a powerful vocal blend surrounded in old-time banjo, seascape guitar, and dreamy electric lines, Hawthorn is quickly claiming a place in the music of New England and beyond. Their second album, Maggie Willow, lands in February 2019.

Photo:  Sam Freedman

our name

The Hawthorn tree, native to New England and the British Isles, is highly regarded as a powerful medicinal friend of the heart. Hawthorn offers protection, uplifting, and courageous opening for matters of the emotional heart while also offering supportive restoration and equalization of the physical heartbeat. The two halves of Hawthorn — it's haws (berries) and thorns offer a teaching for a healthy  heart: the importance of growing strong protection for the sweet gifts inside. The fruit of has a strong presence of antioxidant and anti inflammatory flavonoids, and can also aid as a nervine - an herb that can positively affect the nervous system. Hawthorn trees are revered for ceremonial and spiritual purposes, believed in the British Isles to be a portal to the fairy world. Hawthorn's blooming coincides with the beginning of May, when renewal and rebirth are celebrated with the coming of warmer days.