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“There is certainly a timeless quality to their music, perhaps harkening back to a time that wasn’t necessarily simpler, but we all can occasionally romanticize about. The beginnings of folk and roots music and the duo capitalizes on that emotion and aesthetic in their work beautifully.” - BRIAN CARROLL, RED LINE ROOTS

Design:  Sophie Greenspan , Art: Crystal Wegner

Design: Sophie Greenspan, Art: Crystal Wegner

released October 21, 2016

Taylor Holland - vocals, guitar, songwriting (BMI), arranging
Heather Scott - vocals, arranging
Jacob Rosati - recording and mastering

Crystal Wegner - illustration
Sophie Greenspan - lettering
David Kinchen - photography

Recorded at the Arnold Arboretum, Jamaica Plain, MA.

Mixed and mastered at The Berwick, Boston, MA.

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