maggie willow


Released March 8th, 2019.

produced by Rebecca Gray, Taylor Holland, Heather Scott 
mixed and engineered by Sam Margolis at Riverview Sound in Waltham, MA.
mastered by Bobbi Giel at Georgetown Masters in Nasheville, TN.

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Heather Scott & Taylor Holland - vocals, guitar, banjo, songwriting 

Justin Nash Fisher - lead guitar, Rhodes piano 
Lucia Pontoniere - fiddle 
Alex Gasser - upright bass 
Marco Giovino - drums 
Izzy Heltai - songwriting (In The Morning) 

lettering by Sophie Greenspan 
photography by Ally Schmaling 
design by Dave Tschiegg, Heather Scott, Taylor Holland 

©all rights reserved

spun open


Released March 24, 2017

Recorded and engineered by Jacob Rosati at The Berwick in Boston. 

Mixed and mastered by Jacob Rosati at Marsella in Mexico City.

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Heather Scott and Taylor Holland - vocals, guitar, songwriting

Jacob Rosati - percussion, guitar, banjo
James Staub - bass
Henna Wallace - vocals, songwriting
Isabel Ramirez - songwriting
Crystal Wegner - harmonica

Sophie Greenspan - design
Cat Dussault - design 
Sam Freedman - photography 

©all rights reserved

the arboretum sessions


Released October 21, 2016

Recorded and mastered by Jacob Rosati.

Captured live in the Arnold Arboretum, Hawthorn's first record offers enchanting vocals layered over birdsong, cicadas, and a single guitar. Original and traditional folksongs invite the listener to a fall morning amongst the trees, where timeless music is shared simply and joyously.


Taylor Holland: vocals, guitar, songwriting, arranging 
Heather Scott: vocals, arranging  

Crystal Wegner: illustration 
Sophie Greenspan: lettering 
David Kinchen: photography

©all rights reserved