“…like tributaries winding upriver, they separate, tracing parallel arcs before merging again at the top of the next verse. Neither voice takes the lead; instead, they travel in tandem, companions on a shared journey.” — AMELIA MASON


sound of boston

“[Maggie Willow] is a hushed and often mysterious reflection on the self and how it relates to the world, submerged under layers of idyllic nature imagery and crafty guitar-picking.” — KAT MURAVIYOVA


red line roots

“There is a brutal and devastating forcefulness in their collective voice and the way in which it is able to shake the listener to their core.” — BRIAN CARROLL

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passim iguana music fund winners 2018

We are grateful recipients of an Iguana Music Fund Grant from Club Passim.

“The Iguana Music Fund is an annual grant program predominantly funded by generous anonymous donors, plus the help of Passim, sponsorships, and community donations.”

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