Two voices creating a space for the listener to truly swim in, often dipping into one another and becoming one before dividing into the air around their words again.










The women of Hawthorn weave melodic layers into harmonies pulled from traditional folk roots.


Their mutual love of the natural world, storytelling, and community moves them to create music colored by both external and internal landscapes. The Hawthorn tree, native to their own New England and their ancestral homelands of the British Isles, is said to be inhabited by the fairies, serving as a portal to the spirit world. Through the meeting of Heather and Taylor’s individual experiences, joined by an evolving community of Boston’s finest instrumentalists, Hawthorn creates magical blends of sound that are passionately full: of vibrancy, of tenderness, of strength.


'The Way It Goes' is a contribution to the #MeToo conversation. Us, too: we know the impact of rape culture in our society. 

April was Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and we partnered with Red Line Roots to release this song as an offering of solidarity and solace to those listeners that hear it and nod their heads, ‘yes, this is true, this affirms my story.’ We hope it to be an inspiration to those who hear it and are perhaps unfamiliar, yet willing to reflect, learn, and join in dismantling the systems that made this song a reality — to tear apart the way it goes.